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Café Menu

The café is open for business! ♥

Why, hello! Welcome to the Cafe of Cute (or CoC), a cafe-themed cute group that serves anything cute! Though before you get too excited and cutetastic, please remember to follow the Cafe Rules...

Café Socializing Rules

:bulletpink: While constructive critique is welcomed and encouraged to fellow customers, please keep in mind that insults, rudeness and possibly offending content is not allowed! This can result in a warning. After four warnings, you will be permanently banned from the group!
:bulletblue: Swearing is completely forbidden in the café! Doing so will result in a week suspension from the group, which means no commenting or posting art, and if you swear one more time afterwards you will be permanently banned.
:bulletpink: The café often hosts fun contests to unite our members; so please do not ruin the fun by bribing, threatening or doing anything similar to gain votes :C

Café Submission Rules

:bulletpink: NO mature content of ANY kind is allowed! Swearing, nudity, excessive use of blood, and anything that you have to check "Mature Content: Yes" for.
:bulletblue: Submit to the correct folder: us admins don't like to have to clean out piles of deviations from the Featured folder, so make sure you're not being lazy. However, every week, admins can move art that they like into the Featured folder. There are exceptions, though, as there seems to be a problem with submitting to the right folder sometimes. :C
:bulletpink: The use of bases and stock is allowed, but be sure to credit properly and make sure you aren't stealing art/copying art :C

Gallery Folders



Our staff have been running our café with flying colors!






These are our friend's cafes that also serve cute things ^.^ Be sure to visit them next!
Everyone, a big round of applause (and a warm welcome) to cairely, who used to be known as Cairu, the founder of CafeOfCute! c: Yes, she is back (I finally convinced her - yay! ;D)
Unforunately, the mascot contest winner prizes will not be very grand, as the 100 points meant for the winner were on the deactivated account. But don't worry - we'll think of something!

As the 'founder' (cofounder, really) of the CafeOfCute group, I would like to introduce some changes.

1. Member Sweep
Starting today will be a mass member sweep and we will become a more /exclusive/ group. This means that active members will stay, and inactive ones will not - we may introduce an application process, or any other ways to make our group a stronger, more active one overall.
To members who are swept in the member sweep: If you would still like to be a part of CoC, join now (while you can) and be more active! We'd love to have you here.

2. Gallery Revamp
CafeOfCute is in dire need of a gallery revamp ; it's grown so wild and unmanaged, and I apologize for that. I will sweep out the folders if there are any deleted deviations / rulebreaking deviations, etc. with cairely, and we will discuss any other action.

3. 'Kitchens'?
I think we need to take this 'cafe' theme and spruce it up a little! I'm not sure about this yet, but I was thinking perhaps we could have 'kitchens', like little factions/groups or something. We would all be in the same group, but each cofounder could be the leader of a little kitchen of members. Each kitchen would have it's own rules, ideas, etc. and we would all work together as the CafeOfCute. Yay or nay? Post a comment! c:

4) Mascot Contest (added by Cairely)
This was all my fault, so I guess I'll be the one to think of a solution. I deactivated my account, and all the points for the prizes in my account just went to... ah, waste. So the prizes will not be so grand - just keep in mind you guys have nothing to do with it. This was my fault, so we'll have to think of something else. Apologies to chutonon too, because 100 of your points went to waste :(

I promise I will update this more often, I need to do more for the group. My sincerest apologies.

I'll be helping foodly keep the group fresh, and although I'll probably be all inactive, I'll make sure to be a good cofounder/founder. But foodly can run the group mostly. I'm willing to be a sidekick or anything of the sort. Right now, I'm quite busy, but I will do all I can.
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irissong Nov 25, 2013
Thank you for the invite! <3
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Hello?im so sorry My sis accidently submitted my drawing to sister pressed the button and it got what should I do T^T
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PolygonMew Oct 6, 2013   Digital Artist
Can I join ? 
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Thank you so much for featuring my artTuT
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Pii-chuu Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ty for accepting me.Happy Onigiri Chibi 
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